Key Features

Register Your Property

Secure your property’s identity and your ownership for FREE in your personal Property Vault. Once registered you can login and update your properties details and photographs at anytime. If in the unfortunate event your property is stolen you can easily change your property's status from ‘SAFE’ to ‘STOLEN’, making your property publicly searchable, as well as providing you access to our expert proven property theft victim advice and support and our free tools, resources and community to help recover your property.

Log Book

When you register your property, a date stamped Log Book is created, recording your properties details, key photographs and the properties transfer history, as well as edits and updates made. The Log Book also records your acquisition of the property and date of transfer. The longer your property is registered on the PV database, the greater the value the log book will provide, if and when you sell your property or need to prove your properties identity and your ownership when reporting it stolen to police and/or for an insurance claim.

Property Transfer

If you want to sell your property, you can now transfer your registered property's information and photographs to a new registered owner. By transferring your property, you are ensuring the properties identity and provenance is preserved, whilst aiding in providing peace of mind to a potential purchaser that they are dealing with a genuine seller with nothing to hide.

Report Stolen

Report your property stolen so anyone in Australia can help find your property. Once you submit your report, you will gain access to our expert proven recovery advice and support, as well as our free tools, resources and community to help recover your property.

Search Stolen Properties

Search our database if you are looking to buy a used or new property from an unknown seller, to avoid buying a stolen property. We have three ways to search for stolen properties on the PV database:

Property ID Search

Property frame serial numbers* and other asset tags (any other form of property identification) is hidden from public view, but is searchable on the database.

To search a BIKE ID, first select either Frame Serial No, Other Asset Tag or Property Vault No. (coming soon)

If the BIKE ID search presents a direct match to a stolen property you will be notified and taken directly to the stolen property post.

If the BIKE ID search presents a partial match to multiple stolen properties, you will see a list of properties starting with the closest match in descending order.

*Not all property theft victims have recorded their serial number and many thieves will remove and tamper with a serial number to avoid a property being identified as stolen. If you conduct a Property ID search on a frame serial number or asset tag and it fails to yield a result, we recommend you conduct a ‘Master Search’.

Master Search

Search stolen properties by Property Make, Keyword/Model, Type, Year Stolen, State/Territory and Post code. A master (filter) search can be refined to a single search parameter or expanded to include all or selected filters. Click ‘Reset search’ when conducting multiple searches and changing search filters.

PV Number Lookup

Search stolen properties by the assigned PV number. When reporting information to police, we recommend you supply the PV mumber, so they can easily find the property on our database.

Police Recovered Properties

Search properties recovered by police, where the owners are unknown. A simple search of our Police Recovered Property database, may find your missing property, no matter where it was recovered in Australia.

Search FindaProperty

Search and setup email alerts for property adverts on major classified sites, including EBay and Gumtree. FindaProperty is great tool if you trying to find your stolen property or looking to buy a new one.

Stolen Property Email Alerts

Receive stolen property email alerts for properties reported stolen in your area. You can choose to receive alerts for all properties in your nominated postcodes, or limit the alerts to property types you are interested in.

More tools coming soon...

PV wants to make it harder for thieves and easier for property theft victims and police to recover stolen properties.

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